Draw up a mental image of you driving a car with all the parts present except the engine. Sounds impossible… right? Unless maybe science has developed some sort of AI machine but to our knowledge that hasn’t been announced. That’s the same way the body cannot function without the grey matter being the brain. In order to live a productive life, health experts advise that one invests more in “smart foods” which are foods high in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. These foods improve health and memory and so much more. From chocolates to coffee, here are 6 super foods to maintain brain health.

1. Berries and Grapes

Add some vitamin-rich berries to your diet if you want to improve your memory. Not only are they colorfully tasty but truly nutritious. The seed of a grape alone contains antioxidants used in fighting diabetes and high cholesterol. For a fun and healthy taste, blend a number of berries into a smoothie mix.

2. Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolates, contrary to popular opinions are great brain foods. One of such compounds found in dark chocolates is flavanols, it improves brain blood flow. Studies show that though not as sweet as the milk chocolate, these mood enhancers when taken in moderation, provide beneficial components due to its high cocoa content.

3. Walnuts

This healthy snack can be eaten in its raw state or can be added to foods. Walnuts contain high amounts of antioxidants, which some researchers say battle damaged brain cells and stabilize free radicals in our bodies. These nuts even resemble little brains, so maybe that’s Mother Nature’s way of telling us what walnuts are great for.

4. Carrots

This crunchy vegetable are wonderful for the body no doubt but what good does it do for the brain? Well for one, it improves concentration and it also boosts memory. The attractive snack is not only ‘a sight for sore eyes’ but also repairs skin injuries speedily.

5. Fish

The benefits of fish cannot be overemphasized. Research shows that fish causes a decrease in mental decline as one gradually ages and may help in the fight against depression. Luckily there are different kinds of fish that may suit your taste from salmon to sardines so try adding fish to your diet.

6. Coffee and Tea 

These two breakfast drinks do more than keep you awake during the day when taken in moderate quantity. Studies show they may promote healthy blood in the brain. Catechines, a class of flavonoids, usually found in tea are used in fighting cancer while chlorogenic acid found in coffee are said to enhance the cardiovascular system. Freshly made brews usually do the trick.


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