Working from home has become a popular trend globally not only for the sake of convenience but also a survival tactic. Today, businesses that were not technologically prepared suffered the worst blows during the pandemic.

The future of work has now been revolutionized for convenience, speed and enterprise so much so that earning that extra cash is at your fingertips…literally.

Let’s take a deep dive into the various opportunities that you may venture into whilst working from home:

1. Freelancing: There are lots of freelance jobs constantly shared online such as copywriting, graphic designing, digital marketing etc. Take time out to find the best fit, proceed to take courses to better your chances then go ahead and apply. You can check out websites like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer for a variety of freelance jobs.

2. Personal Shopping: A personal shopper must be knowledgeable about the client’s needs depending on the sector. This could range from food to the fashion industry.

A good place to start from would be the senior citizens that would prefer to outsource these tasks and those who do not have the spare time to shop . All you have to do is offer your services and voila! It’s a done deal.

3. Rent out a car – Some people do not use their cars for days or weeks on end. Signing up with a trusted cab service could be the key to making that extra cash. Make sure to talk with an insurance provider to avoid running the wrong policy.

4. Generate surveys for money – You can generate a nice amount of money by conducting research for brand professionals, market research agencies and even educational institutions.

5. Private Tutoring: Parents are always on the look-out for the best kind of education for their wards. Based on experience, expertise and what is in demand, you can position yourself for such awesome opportunity. To get started, advertise your services at Parents – Teachers meetings at schools or within your local community.

6. Sell your clutter: Don’t be a hoarder! Instead of holding onto property you do not use, you can sell them at a fair price. There are now apps available for these purposes or you may want to do it the old-fashioned way, by having a yard sale.

7. Blogging: Content creation is another way to make money. You create a blog and leverage it into affiliate sales or product endorsement deals. Consider topics like – Technology, Cooking, Personal Finance, Travel, Health, and more. Just make sure your content is exciting to read.

8. List a room in your house – If you have a spare room you don’t really use, you could be missing out on extra money. There are people in many cities – corpers, university undergraduates, young, newly-employed graduates, etc., who will pay to stay in that room. In addition, there are also people willing to get a roommate to split the bill.

9. Social Media Handling: Many companies need help filling up their profiles with relevant content. If you are good with managing social media handles and understand the target audience, you might want to take a step further in this direction.

There are so many more ways one can make good income, you just have to find a niche that best suits you!


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