It’s that time of the month again and things are about to change, your smile, mood and….wait a sec, we’re not talking cramps, but…

P A Y D A Y!!!

The reason for the hustle and bustle of the white-collar guy. Oh yes, your favorite notification is just around the corner, your ‘to-buy’ list is just itching to come alive.

Although, you’re quite diligent but like flashbacks of a Bollywood movie, you reminisce on your last list barely 30 days ago and that’s where it hits you, that teeth-chattering realization… that you went past budget.

Moving forward, you’ve made up your mind to exercise self-discipline no matter what, but how? Before you write yourself another plan why not take a look at these budgeting tips, we call it:

‘BUDGET 101’

  1. Divide, then Conquer

Divide your income into needs, debt repayment, savings and wants, using the 50/30/20 budget.

Classify the above categories into what will be the primary, secondary, and miscellaneous, now it is time for some conquering.

For some, they spend 50% of their income on needs, 30% on debt repayment, and 20% on savings and wants depending on your preference and what suits you, you may reshuffle until you get what works for you… the important thing is to follow the budget rule assiduously and your pocket will have you to thank.

2. Adjust your habits if necessary

Having placed your income and spending in black and white, you will begin to see where you have surplus or deficit funds. Next, cut back on the ‘do-without’ expenses. For instance, you’d love to go to the movies and be part of the action with 3D glasses, however, you can as well have a custom-made movie night at home, with home made popcorn and some M&Ms.

3. Track your progress

Record your spending with the use of online budgeting and savings tools. This will help you monitor your budget.

Make sure to revisit your budget from time to time, because income, expenses, and priorities may change over time.


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