It’s been about a year now since life took on a new cycle. Man’s newfound reality is like a well-written script in fictional movies where a villain seems to be winning until the hero comes along. Although, we do not have the creative power to control life but with our actions, we can influence its outcome. For example, who would have thought the threat to our very existence would make us unified and bring us all under the same umbrella… well from six feet apart.

As we adapt to the new norm, it is imperative that we also plan differently. Check out these feasible ways to map out this year’s blueprint:

1- Restrategize

However diverse our plans were last year, you’d agree that there is a call to restrategize, calibrate and forge ahead. With the reset button hit, you’d also see reason why you cannot fight the same battles with the same weapons. 2021 is here, fellow residents of planet earth, you may not get them all at once but that’s why there is a plan B, C, D, yes as many backups as you deem fit. Always stay mindful to formulate your goals with the mindset of winning.

2- Reconnect Meaningfully

We could have vouched that our circle would be so inseparable that an asteroid would never divide the bond… well for some people, the pandemic did. Placing a call to another could just be the mend needed, to fix the bridge. Life has placed us on a new tempo and there is no surety of the next second. As we gradually adjust, make sure to check up on the next person, you never what it that would do to them.

3- Take up an online course/class

Adding up to the number of skillsets you already have will always be a plus. Has there been an online course you’ve been wanting to complete, a master class you’ve been itching to sign up for but couldn’t? Well, there would be no perfect time than now as the hardest step to make is the first step, so take that class today and watch another feather seat gloriously on your wings.

4- Pick up a new hobby

So, you’ve had this lifelong dream to learn an instrument, learn a new language or maybe it’s a personal goal to learn to cook your favorite dish just like momma’s cooking. Trying out new stuff will come in handy as you increase your satisfaction while you add more items to the ‘did-you-know?’ section of your profile.

5- Health is wealth

Believe it or not, we may have added or lost a few more pounds than we’d like to. To keep the balance why not slip on those trainers for a quick dance class, a few push-ups, a skip around the neighborhood. If you live where you have the luxury of a house garden; get your hands dirty with farm activities like planting, making ridges, and be sure that mother earth will thank you.

6- Stay out of the box

While it is necessary to be comfortable, it is also dangerous. Keep things fresh. Make sure to stay abreast of relevant information in your line of study, work, and passion. Thanks to technology, we all can now become our own show master. Join the latest challenge in your field to sharpen your prowess and you’d be sure to grow exponentially.

7- Keep a diary

Won’t it be nice to pen down these historic moments for the next generation? Jottings of your experience during the pandemic; the curfews, the social distancing, the fear permeating your body at the sudden increase in body temperature… all of this could be pages on your memoir and who knows could turn out be a best-seller!


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