Uncut gems:

Who doesn’t love the big ol’ dog Adam Sandler, the king of feel-good movies. Well… spoiler alert! This is not one of his fuzzy, warm movies but a riveting plot all the same.

It revolves around a Jeweller who owes some dangerous people money due to a gambling addiction, he makes a high stake bet that could lead to a windfall of a lifetime. Will he ever pay off his debt or outsmart his creditors?

 A whopping 92% on Rotten tomatoes, it is a must watch!

The Old Guard:

With 94% of google users liking this movie, this seems to be a great gem. While it may start out like a cliché, there is a twist to this story.

A group of mercenaries on a mission, were setup and not only end up fighting for their lives but fighting to keep their age-long secret… They are walking immortals!

But what if someone threatens their very existence… Watch this action-packed adventure!

Da 5 Bloods:

With a rating of 92% on rotten tomatoes, a Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) feature and a gold rush moment… you know the only regret involved is not watching this master piece!

The storyline is a mix between the Vietnam war and present day. The horrors of the war was relived and compounded by the goings-on of the present day by four African-Americans. These veterans are already suffering from PTSD, all of which is endured because of the promise of finding gold they had hidden decades ago.

Will they survive revisiting hell’s kitchen or will it consume them? Find out in this movie tribute.


Chris Hemsworth’s character helped to rope in a rating of 91% of google users to like this movie and he did this without his sledgehammer. It gets even more interesting…

This killer mercenary puts his life at risk by agreeing to rescue the son of an imprisoned international crime lord. Aha! But it doesn’t stop there. He does this all by himself while the whole of Bangladesh is after him.

Lol! Watch this non-stop action thriller to see if he succeeds.

The Wrong Missy:

This classic chick flick is all shades of funny. Tim Morris ends up inviting ‘The Wrong Missy’ to his work retreat instead of his dream girl to the beautiful Hawaii. Will this be a ticking time bomb or will things take a positive turnaround?

If you are looking for a good rom-com, add this to your list!


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