As the year gradually draws to an end, some take this time out to reflect while others; reunite with distant family members and loved ones. In this season of giving, it is time we spread love and share happiness, the fun way. Christmas generally embodies positivity, joy, and thanksgiving, so why not have an exceptional experience with these few activities:

  • Create your own Christmas Tree

Who said Christmas trees must be conifers? Be creative. Build your own Christmas tree with objects that appeal to you or that identifies with your personality. There are so many DIY ideas; if you are a book lover, you can make your own Christmas tree with books or cut-out newspapers. Think outside the norm!

  • Compliment Random Strangers

Spreading love should not be limited to only those you know. Make it a daily challenge to genuinely compliment at least one stranger you come across during the Christmas season. Your kind words may be the one thing that makes their day or the encouragement they need to keep pushing on.

  • Be a Secret Santa

Who doesn’t love a good surprise? You can discreetly stash a much-desired item for a loved one or a random neighbour. Such an act will not only put a smile on the recipient’s face but will equally leave you feeling euphoric… and that is the true meaning of Christmas.

  • Volunteer

You can never underestimate the power of service, especially during this yuletide season. Assisting the elderly to run errands may be a good place to start, helping out in your local community could also lift the mood. Do you also know listening could very well be all a person truly wants for Christmas… Make out time to serve people this season.

  • Reconcile

Although, disagreements and altercations are quite inevitable… but as the saying goes ‘Friendship must never be buried under the weight of misunderstanding.’ – Sri Chinmoy. There’s no perfect time than now to let love lead. It would also make for a great Christmas story to extend that olive branch and end the year without grudges and enmity.

Love truly is the reason for the season. Wishing you a pleasant Christmas experience.


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