It is quite easy to experience eye fatigue due to staring at your screen all day. Be it the computers, phone or television, everyone must have experienced eye fatigue one way or another.

Therefore it is good practice to get enough eye rest. These organs do not, afterall, come in extra sets. So to ensure eye longevity try out these steps:

  • The 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away at least for 20 seconds. This is not easy to remember until you start to feel your eye tearing up so make mental notes or sticky notes.
  • Apply heat to the eyes: And no! I do not mean applying hot substances to your eyes. How do you then do this? Simply rub your hands together creating friction and place them over your eyes shielding your eyes from any form of light, breathe in and out and then open your eyes slowly. What this does is, it relaxes your eyes taking off some amount of pressure exerted from the constant exposure to light.
  • Take brisk but short walks: This is quite helpful because it gives body the exercise it needs and helps clear one’s head. When taking these walks which should be done at least twice a day make sure to zero your mind. This gives your eyes and mind something fresh to look at.

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